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    The REAL Okie potentially exposed

    In a recent post a couple of days ago, Miskebam was exposed as the true owner of the Okie Oil Man site, as well as the owner of Bondlady, and who this Mikebam person is. It is no secret that there is a link between Bondlady, and Okie. Well, as would be expected, Bondlady came to the defense for Okie and Miske.

    In her post she alleges that she knows the real identity of Okie, and it is not Lonnie Richards as some would think. She then goes on with all the great things that Okie has done in an attempt to excuse him for all the deception that he has committed on thousands of people in the name of personal gains.

    She went on to explain some of the things he has done in the past, and regardless if it was intentional or not, she left just enough of a trail of breadcrumbs to possibly help us identify the man that she is referring to as being the real Okie. She did say that his name was not Lonnie Richards, and said that she would not reveal who he is. She did say that he was a man that invented a device that could help the military detect mines that were left by Saddam.

    It did not take much digging to find the name that she was referring to. This device was invented by a man named Lonnie Freels from Oklahoma. She mentioned some information regarding the article, so a little searching brought me to this article from February of 1991:

    Well, if Bondlady knows the true identity of Okie, saying that this is the same person that created this device, and did not want to expose him, then she just unintentionally gave us the information that we needed to know. If she was trying to help hide who this man is, she is not a very bright person, but I appreciate the clues anyway
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    I remembered as well that there was a post last year by Lonnie Richards at Neno's Place Forum that also gave some clues about who this person was, but the name was not given then either:
    "His last name starts with an "F" and is far from sounding like Richards. Okie in question lives in oklahoma."
    Here is a link to the post that was copied on Dinar Recaps

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    Lonnie C. Freels is the Okie you seek. Send him a letter and tell him what you think...

    Lonnie Freels
    Route 2 Box 70
    Canute, Ok. 73626

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    well... I guess the dinar world can put THAT one to bed, for keeps... anyone that missed the information offered on will benefit greatly by visiting that page for the 'who's who in okie-land' and the several sock puppets that Lonnie Freels and Elizabeth Henson-Ogle apparently operate... the question now remains - who and what can we trust in this thing?.... ten's den has held strong in the wind - and so far so has Phoenix and his wife Lakehouse... any others? As the plot thickens, the ranks get thinner! God bless you, Ten - and JayP... and whoever else is helping mod this site!



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